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Dillon Amphitheatre

Dillon Amphitheater Summer Concert Series

Dillon Amphitheater Summer Concert Series Artist Lineup Summit County is lucky to have one of the best music scenes in the country.  You can see live music here just about any night of the week during the amphitheater summer concert ser...

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Frisco Approves up to $6 million in bonds for marina

Major upgrades are coming to the Frisco Bay Marina Frisco town council passed an ordinance authorizing the issuance of up to $6 million in bonds.  In early February, the town of Frisco will begin selling Marina Enterprise Revenue Bonds.&...

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Big Dig

Frisco’s “Big Dig”

The town of Frisco is planning a renovation of the Frisco Bay Marina and has named it the “Big Dig”. The name comes from the massive dredging project that would excavate tens of thousands of cubic yards of soil to expand the marina's cap...

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record arctic char

Record Arctic Char in Dillon Reservoir

A few weeks ago, Lindsay Regali of Charlottesville was fishing in Dillon Reservoir with her husband Luke Newcomb and local guide Randy Ford of Alpine Fishing Adventures when she caught a record-setting Arctic Char. Arctic Char is a cold-...

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Arctic Char in Lake Dillon

Parks and Wildlife biologists have been releasing large populations of Arctic char into the Dillon Reservoir every year since 1990.  Originally introduced to control overproducing the opossum shrimp population, studies have shown that the cold...

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