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Terrain Park Planned for Frisco Adventure Park

Published: December 2, 2023

The Frisco Adventure Park plans to install a rope tow providing access to rails and small jumps this winter season.

The Frisco Adventure Park currently operates a tubing hill and beginner ski hill in the winter months. The rope tow is planned to be located to the north of the existing magic carpet.

In previous years, skiers and riders have been able to access features via a short hike at the Adventure Park when the tubing hill closes in the spring.

“It’s going to be just like the late-season (terrain park) we’ve done out there,” Frisco Adventure Park operations manager John Anicito said in a Summit Daily Article. “But it’s going to be off to the skiers right off the carpet, with the goal of getting some jumps and some rails and having a permanent terrain park.”

Recreation for the Community

Local kids enjoy the skate park and bike park at the Frisco Adventure Park throughout the summer. The winter terrain park provides another opportunity for young athletes to enjoy recreationally year-round.

Winter sports teams, including Team Summit, have expressed support for creating more opportunities for athletes to practice their skills, especially during the week.

“Looking big picture it is ‘How can we help the community?’” Anicito said. “Because if you think of kids that are trying to practice their skills after school, unless they go to Woodward, there’s not a whole lot of options out there — maybe Keystone on a couple of nights.”

The town budgeted $70,000 from the lodging tax fund for the rope tow.


The exact pricing plan is still to be determined but will likely offer day passes at a low cost during the first year.

In future years, it is planned to have a season pass option.

Opening Date

The rope tow could open by February this year, depending on snow conditions.

The rope tow is portable, so when the tubing season is over, the terrain park operations can be relocated to the tubing hill area.

The terrain park will just be getting started this year, the hope is to have a longer season and continue to expand the features in years to come.

“I think it’ll be a good testing year just to see what that will look like,” Anicito said. “So for the next season, we’ll hope that things are really dialed in.”

To learn more about this exciting addition to the Frisco Adventure Park, visit or call 970-668-2558.


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