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Breckenridge’s Reiling Gold Dredge

Last month, Breckenridge was eager to join the 2015 Most Endangered Places list through the preservation of the Reiling Gold Dredge.  30 nominated sites were considered, while only four Colorado locations were chosen.  Colorado’s Most Endan...

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Valentine’s Day in Breckenridge

No matter the time of year, Breckenridge and surrounding mountain towns always seem to have that romantic feel – the streets are lit, dangling decorative lights shimmer in the trees and crisp mountain air float in the breeze as you snuggle up...

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Quandary Village and North Star Subdivision

Hidden just before the Hoosier pass ascent lies a quaint and breathtaking neighborhood that developed magnificently just below tree line.  Falling near the base of both Quandary and North Star Mountains, this peaceful location is home to ...

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The 1909 Schoolhouse in Breckenridge

Last week marked the grand opening of the 1909 schoolhouse in Breckenridge, now known as the Breckenridge Grand Vacations Community Center & South Branch Library.  The South Branch Library is scheduled to open officially on January 20t...

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The New Breckenridge Arts District Campus

For the first season, the new Breckenridge Arts District campus is vibrantly in motion just downtown Breckenridge, exemplifying the 13 years of hard work dedicated by local project coordinators in constructing the landmark.  Ten buildings,...

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