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Breckenridge Dining Passport Program

Published: April 14, 2015

Breckenridge Dining Passport

As the ski season comes to a close this upcoming weekend, the Breckenridge Dining Passport program will begin for locals and visitors choosing to stick around for the off-season! First designed to coincide with the well-known ‘2 for 1’ meal specials, the Breckenridge Dining Passport provides discounts and special menus at 24 of the local restaurants in town. Each passport is valid for up to two guests at participating restaurants and a $10 donation is required in order to obtain the booklet.

The Breckenridge Restaurant Association implemented the Breckenridge Dining Passport program in the spring of 2011 as a donation based fundraiser to give back to the local community. Each spring, the funds are attributed to scholarships for graduating high school seniors. Students that qualify for the financial support must have past experience in the restaurant industry, a parent working in a local restaurant, or an expressed interest in pursuing a food and beverage based degree. The fall program has more often contributed funds to the Summit County Cares Program, the largest emergency assistance fund in Summit County.

During this slow season, known as ‘mud season’ by locals, many of the restaurants find a period of time to close and prepare for the upcoming season. The passport drives more business towards the selected restaurants during periods when they choose to remain open. It also gives year-long residents a chance to dine at a lower costs during the slower season. “We try to make the offers exclusive to the dining passport holders, to maintain some of that exclusivity.” said Ken Nelson, a Breckenridge restaurant owner and BRA president. Since the first passports were issued, more restaurants have joined the cause and only offer special pricing to holders of the Breckenridge Dining Passport.

Breckenridge Dining Passports are available for purchase at all participating restaurants. For more information, contact:

Breckenridge Welcome Center: 203 S. Main Street, Breckenridge, CO 80424


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