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Mountain Film Festival is Coming to Breckenridge!

Published: February 22, 2016

Banff Film Festival is Coming to BreckenridgeThe BANFF Film Festival World Tour will visit Breckenridge on Friday, February 26th and films are scheduled to premier at the Breckenridge Riverwalk Center. The one night screening event will feature 9 short films with jaw-dropping landscapes and action-packed outdoor adventure. 

The film festival takes place at the Banff Centre, an organization in the mountains of Alberta, Canada, each year. The performing arts center aims to spread the professional arts to communities worldwide. Breckenridge is just one of the 285 communities and 30 countries fortunate enough to be visited by the tour.

Proceeds for the event will benefit the Breckenridge Outdoor Education CenterBOEC, a 40-year old non-profit dedicated to helping individuals of all skill levels meet their potential though outdoor adventure experiences. 

The BOEC offers a wide variety of activities that include rock climbing, camping, whitewater rafting, adaptive cycling, ropes courses, and snowshoeing. Adaptive courses also cater to groups and individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Friday’s screening will showcase award winning films that celebrate active professionals in their outdoor elements. For a full list of films that will be featured in Breckenridge, take a look at the list below! 

2016 BANFF Line Up

The Important Places – 9 minutes

  • A father and son return to the Grand Canyon for a 28 day voyage via raft and kayak. Explore early memories from their first trip to the canyon and the importance of revisiting, while protecting, these special places.

Climbing Ice: The Iceland Trifecta – 17 minutes

  • Follow the team of climbers through some of Iceland’s most desolate locations as they battle extreme winter weather conditions, steep cliffs and ice covered landscapes. Ice climbing is taken to a whole new level in this expedition that incorporates the most unbelievable ice filled landscapes.

The Warmth of Winter – 6 minutes

  • Everyone loves a great powder day in the mountains! A dreamer by candlelight imagines skilled skiers and snowboarders on fresh tracks and back country runs.

REEL ROCK 10: A Line Across the Sky – 40 minutes

  • Follows a pair of climbers during February of 2014 as they complete the Fitz Traverse, a five-day ascent that had long been considered impossible!

Women’s Speed Ascent – 4 minutes

  • The infamous route of The Nose on El Cap in Yosemite National Park was conquered by two female climbers after just a few attempts. The women successfully beat all established speed records during their climb.

Kroger’s Canteen – 8 minutes

  • Follow a depiction of the Hardrock 100, a 100-mile race through Colorado’s San Juan mountain range, from the perspective of an aid station and those who run it.

Denali – 8 minutes

  • There’s no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they have supported you through your most challenging of days. Observe the connections between a man and his dog named Denali as they explore the complexity of a dogs-eye-view. 

Eclipse – 31 minutes

  • Arctic conditions challenged photographer Reuben Krabbe while capturing skiers in front of the 2015 solar eclipse. Watch as the crew of 10 takes on below zero temperatures, Arctic wildlife and storms from remote locations.

UnReal – 12 minutes

  • Take a break from corporate America and explore the backcountry from the perspective of a professional mountain bike rider! The big mountain views and gorgeous landscapes will leave you breathless.

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