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Hiking to Peak One from Frisco

Published: September 28, 2015

Hiking to Peak OneHiking to Peak One from Frisco is a strenuous yet rewarding day excursion with fantastic views of Lake Dillon, surrounding mountains and abandoned mining ruins.  Especially beautiful during this time of the year, the trail showcases changing aspen colors and favorable temperatures.

The hike begins at the parking area on the southside of I-70 at the west Frisco exit.  Parking is available near the bike path.  Turn left on the path towards Breckenridge to begin the hike.  Ten minutes up the path you will see a sign for Mount Royal.

Mount Royal

Mount Royal is located just outside of Frisco and rests at 10,502 feet.  When first arriving at the trail, make sure to avoid the first two forks by staying left.  Beautiful aspen trees lie in clusters along this trail and will continue to hold fantastic fall colors for the next week or so!  About half a mile up the trail, hikers will pass by some mining ruins at old Masontown.

Masontown was a mining community that maintained an ore-processing mill and was established in 1872.  The site expanded over the years to include a boardinghouse, cabins and milling facilities. The town rested on the avalanche pathway in the eastern gulch of Mount Royal.  In 1912, after being deserted, an avalanche buried the town and only bricks and mine tailings remain to this day.

After continuing at an upward grade for about a mile and a half, the trail will come to another fork.  To summit Mount Royal, veer right to complete the 1,300 foot climb total from the original trailhead.  This well travel assent boasts breathtaking views of Officers Gulch along with the I-70 highway below.  Many visitors choose to hike to Mount Royal and out of satisfaction with the views, will choose to turn around at this point.

Mount Victoria

If continuing on to Mount Victoria, return to the fork and continue straight up the hill.  Eventually, the trail will pass by an old cabin ruin which provides a great location to view Buffalo Mountain across the valley.  The trail continues to wind upward and showcases views of Frisco, Lake Dillon, Peak One and Uneva Lake at the summit.  The Mount Victoria summit is located just 2,700 feet above the trailhead.

Peak One

Hiking to Peak One from Mount Victoria seems unobtainable, as the upward hike is very strenuous.  The final stretch to the 12,805 foot summit is extremely steep and hikers are required to climb over loose rock debris and boulder covered slopes.  The trail upward is harder to keep track of but will eventually turn into a narrow ridge that can be followed to the peak.

Hiking to Peak One is only recommended for more experienced hikers.  Please remember, weather can change at any moment and can create extremely dangerous situations while summiting mountains.  Make sure to head out early and check the weather prior to hiking!


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