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E-bikes in Breckenridge – A bike share program aimed at residents

Published: June 14, 2023

E-bikes in Breckenridge

For those looking to spend more time outside this summer while participating in an environmentally friendly activity, look no further than the town’s new electric bike share program as a car-free alternative to get around town that introduces E-Bikes in Breckenridge.

Bike stations are located within a quarter-mile of 14 different workforce housing neighborhoods and developments, making renting an e-bike in Breckenridge convenient for locals. Stations are located in several housing neighborhoods as well as popular community destinations, Breckenridge Recreation Center, City Market and River Park.

E-bikes ride like a normal bicycle and have a small electric motor that adds assistance to boost momentum. This makes it easier to go longer distances or ride up steep climbs.

Bike share is ideal for one-way trips such as running errands, getting to an appointment or event and a way to get around without having to find parking. The program is not intended to replace existing day-long bike rentals.

Based on the pricing structure, it would cost much more to rent the E-Bikes for a day rather than a traditional bike rental. Visitors seeking to explore Summit County beyond Breckenridge are encouraged to utilize the existing day-long bike rental options.

To encourage locals to utilize the program, Breckenridge residents will be eligible for a membership that costs $10 per month or $40 for the entire e-bike season if purchased before June 18. After June 18, the membership cost increase to $15 per month or $50 for the season. Otherwise, bikes will cost $3 to unlock for 30 minutes. Anything over 30 minutes will cost an additional 50 cents per minute.

The program is accessed via a mobile app: “Breck E-Ride”. Users create an account, then are able to unlock bikes using a QR code on the handlebar. Rides must end at a designated hub which can be viewed on the map via Breck E-Ride.

Convenience isn’t the only driving force for the development of the program. Climate and sustainability have been a major focus for town officials who have created many policies and programs in recent years. Those include incentives to shift more residents to recycling as well as subsidies for home electrification projects in partnership with the High Country Conservation Center.

Breckenridge town council member Jay Beckerman commented in a Summit Daily News article that the town’s environmental health would be positively impacted if residents get out of their cars just one day a week. Half of the $234,000 cost for the E-bikes in Breckenridge was supported by a grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation. Under two new federal laws, the Inflation Reduction Act and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, more funding could be made available to the program in coming years if proved successful.

Bike shares have increased in popularity in US cities in recent years as a way to reduce CO2 emissions. These 75 E-bikes in Breckenridge are the first option for bike share in Summit County.

Whether you live in Breckenridge or have a visit planned this summer, the accessibility to E-bikes in Breckenridge is an excellent way to enjoy the scenery in Breckenridge this summer.


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