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Capital Improvement Projects in Breckenridge

Published: October 14, 2023

Several capital improvement projects in Breckenridge are planned for the coming years to improve public infrastructure and recreation.

The capital improvement projects in Breckenridge were reviewed and updates on progress and budget were presented to council members at the September 12, 2023 meeting.

The prioritized projects include a ball field renovation at Kingdom Park, a skate park expansion, a bike loop and trailhead project on the McCain property, a renovation project at Carter Park and improvements at the Riverwalk Center.

Kingdom Park

Kingdom Park, which is located adjacent to the Breckenridge Recreation Center, has two improvement projects in the works.

The first planned project will replace the grass ball fields with synthetic turf. This improvement is intended to handle inclement weather better by draining faster than the existing grass.

Alongside other local water conservation efforts, the goal is to decrease water usage by 2,000 gallons per year. Turf fields use less water than grass.

 The turf will also extend the seasonal time period of use of the fields.

The second project aims to replace the amenity space between the fields. This project is anticipated to be completed in 2025 while the turf project is on track for completion in 2024.

The total cost of the two renovations will cost roughly $6.9 million.

McCain Property

The 128-acre parcel of town-owned land located between Colorado Highway 9 and Coyne Valley Road in Breckenridge, also known as the McCain property parcel, has proposed projects that were discussed during the budget meeting.

As part of the real estate exchange with the Summit School district to ensure access to public works facilities, an access road will be constructed to connect Coyne Valley Road to Stan Miller Drive. The plan has a budgeted cost of $9.4 million and will be constructed in 2024.

A beginner bike loop, hiking trail and trailhead amenities are also planned to begin in 2025 with an estimated cost of $550,000. The projects are expected to be completed by 2026 or 2027.

Additionally, there are plans to construct a park on the parcel which is expected to cost $1.2 million.

Riverwalk Center

Plans to update the Riverwalk Center’s amenities are expected to run through 2028 and will cost an estimated $10.5 million.

Skate Park

An expansion to the current skate park at the Breckenridge Recreation Center is planned and will cost an estimated $1.5 million.

Carter Park

Plans at Carter Park include improving drainage, updating the dog park and a bathroom renovation. The project is planned to run through 2025 and cost $5 million.

Blue River Pathways Project

The multiyear Blue River Pathways Project aims to improve bicycle and pedestrian paths along the Blue River corridor from North French Street to South Park Avenue.

Two construction projects scheduled for 2024 were proposed to the coucil. One of the projects proposed would include deconstructing the Schoonover building east of Blue River on Ski Hill Road. Concepts to build a plaza on the parcel are still in the works.

The project is expected to run through 2027 and has a budgeted cost of $4 million.

Food Delivery

The town is also exploring a food and beverage delivery hub that would follow the model of Vail’s current system. Delivery vehicles would dock and unload at one location in town.

Goods would then be delivered to restaurants in town by a third-party service. This would reduce large truck traffic throughout downtown core and the Riverwalk.

This project is budgeted through 2028 and anticipated to cost $5 million.

Fiber 9600

The town’s fiber optic service, Fiber 9600, is looking to grow in 2024 with a budget of $9.8 million.

The expansion would build out service to neighborhoods. Included areas are: town-owned workforce housing, Weisshorn, Grandview, Four O’clock Road, Christie Heights and the Village at Breckenridge.

Other capital improvement projects in Breckenridge were also presented at the meeting by town staff.

The installation of culverts and reconstruction of Coyne Valley Road and the Blue River recpath is near completion. Landscaping along the river corridor has already been completed. The project’s total budget was completed just under $9.6 million.

Improvements are also planned for Airport Road. The project is anticipated to run through 2028 and anticipated to cost around $7.5 million.

Breckenridge continues to deliver consistent long-term financial investments further enhancing locals and visitors’ experiences.


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