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Real Estate Considered Best Long-Term Investment

Published: May 23, 2016

Real Estate Considered Best Long-Term Investment

Breckenridge, Colorado continues to become more and more desirable, attracting residents and visitors throughout each of the four seasons and shrinking what used to be our slow shoulder seasons. With increasing numbers of Americans placing the most confidence in real estate for long-term investments, buying real estate in Summit County, Colorado is one of the best investments of all!

The Gallup Poll Social Series has released its results for this year’s study examining investment behaviors and opinions of adult Americans in all fifty states. Of those surveyed, 35% considered real estate the best long-term investment. That number has been steadily increasing over recent years and has almost doubled since 2011 when only 19% had the most confidence in real estate investments.

Demand for real estate in Summit County has been steadily increasing as a lack of inventory continues to push prices upward. Many people who have been in Colorado for more than a few decades remark that Breckenridge’s growing vibrancy is reminiscent of Aspen years ago. Perhaps this is because both Aspen and Breckenridge are among the few authentic mountain ski towns with true history.

With 82% of Summit County land belonging to the National Forest or the Bureau of Land Management, demand will continue to outstrip the supply of resort real estate opportunities, pushing values higher over the long-term.

As though these aren’t reasons enough to pique interest in a Summit County investment property, our property tax rates are among the lowest in Colorado and the nation. Colorado is among five states with the lowest median property tax rates.

The ways in which investment properties can be used are endless. Many buy homesites and hold for long-term investment or speculative building. Others buy short term vacation rentals that provide income and a place for their families to retreat. Others use such properties as a primary or secondary residence.

The multiple types of opportunities available in Summit County along with the low property taxes and market security as demand continues to outpace supply makes Summit County a great place for a trusted long-term investment. For more information about the real estate market trends in Summit County, check out our market analysis.


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