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Online Distribution and Reports

Online Distribution

  • Listhub: Real Estate of the Summit distributes your listing to over 450 online search engines through an online platform called ListHub. Many of these websites have extended networks allowing us to market to extremely high numbers of privatized web searches. As of now, ListHub is the #1 network for online website distribution. Some of the websites you may be familiar with are,,, etc.
  • Zillow & Trulia: Zillow owns Trulia and is the leading online real estate search engine. Listing your property on these two websites is extremely beneficial and necessary to market your property to potential buyers.

Weekly Report Functions

Reports are distributed by our office every week. Some of these reports take a week or two before they begin to populate information from the property listing. If you do not receive all of the reports this upcoming week, do not worry, you will the following week!

  • Listhub: Our account allows us to generate reports that provide online traffic data, as well as traffic comparisons to other similar properties on the market.
  • Zillow & Trulia: Zillow owns Trulia and is the leading online real estate search engine.  You can view the traffic on both these website.
  • Showing Time: ShowingTime is currently the top showing management software on the market. All showing appointments are documented within the system and realtors can provide ratings and feedback on the property within this system. An important aspect of ShowingTime is that it allows us to observe the total number of showings. If a unit is always occupied upon showing requests, we can monitor this through cancelled appointments and resolve any issues moving forward. Once the comments are all published from the previous week, a feedback report can be forwarded to you for personal review!
  • Virtuance: One of  our photographers that we use for capturing our properties is Virtuance. The Last report function used by Real Estate of the Summit comes from virtual tour traffic on the Virtuance website. As you already know from the photos, Virtuance is a top quality real estate photography company. We provide direct photography tour links on the MLS website for brokers and clients to access. Photo and tour views are populated by their website and we can easily pass this information along to you each week!

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