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Tiny Home, Big Upgrade

Published: October 21, 2023

The latest amenity for homeowners is another, smaller home.

These add-ons are known as accessory dwelling units (ADUs). They can be free-standing miniature homes as small as a studio apartment and tucked away in a backyard. They can reside above a garage or in a basement and extend to more than 2,000 square feet.

“It’s gone from a small niche in the market to really a much more impactful part of new housing,” said Scott Wild, senior vice president of consulting at John Burns Research and Consulting. “Municipalities love it, existing homeowners love it, developers love it.”

Golden-based Addazu (ah-DAH-zoo) is a panelized modular housing system uniquely positioned to help any of your clients looking to add value to their property or for another revenue stream.

Built Fast

Addazu builds ADUs fast. Once components are delivered, an ADU can be erected in a matter of a week or two, perhaps as quickly as a few days depending on sizes.

Their speed advantage stems from their ability to deliver components 95% completed for around $200 a square foot (not including assembly, which is cheaper because it’s faster than classic construction) nor transportation (also cheaper, since components are delivered for assembly in a kit).


The county has over a million dollars allocated for ADU assistance through 2024. For instance, a $60,000 county subsidy for a new ADU of $250,000 is an asset a homeowner can build for about a 25% discount.

Here are details of the program- Accessory Dwelling Unit Assistance Program | Summit County, CO – Official Website 

Addazu already has designs for 400-, 500-, 600- and 750-sq. foot; all meet all the design (snow loads, R factors, steel framing for fire and mold resistance) and environmental requirements (Net Zero, all-electric, recyclable components, air quality) in the County’s code (this is a county program, so the subsidies are not available for incorporated towns).

The company was featured in The Denver Post and Denver Business Journal this past summer, and has some strong partners in Colorado’s building, manufacturing, engineering and academic circles: Entrepreneurship/ Innovation Office at Colorado School of Mines, CU Boulder Venture Partners via the U.S. National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps., Oz Architecture, DT Construct, Douglass Colony, Black Hound Design.

See or contact Jim Felton at [email protected] or (303) 241 3364.


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