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Country Boy Mine Earns Michelin Green Star

Published: November 17, 2023


When Mike Shipley received an email from the Michelin Guide, he opened it curiously.

The email informed Shipley that his Breckenridge-based establishment received a star from the Michelin’s Green Guide.

“Apparently they sent a secret inspector to come out to us, and then they sent another inspector to check that we had consistency rather than just being a one-off,” Shipley said. “It was a total shock to us, we did not have a clue.”

The Michelin Guides

In 1920, the founders of Michelin Tires, Andre and Edouard Michelin created a marketing method to boost sales.

The Michelin brothers developed the Michelin Guide to help motorists plan their trips and gave them a list of attractions to visit along the way.

A team of mystery diners were tasked with reviewing restaurants anonymously to create the guide.

The more popular Michelin’s Red Guide is reserved for restaurants while the Green Guide is for attractions.

Country Boy Mine

The Country Boy Mine was established in 1887 and initially known for its gold and silver production.

Later on, the mine increasingly produced large quantities of high-grade lead and zinc used in manufacturing during World War I and World War II.

In the 1990s, the Tomlinson brothers refurbished the mine to make it a historical attraction.

Shipley, who is originally from the United Kingdom, first discovered the mine on a visit with his family. He moved to the U.S. in 2013 and purchased the mine in 2019.

Michelin Stars Awarded in Colorado

Five restaurants across Colorado have been awarded a star since the Michelin Guide debuted in Colorado in 2023.

The star awarded to Country Boy Mine is the first Michelin star awarded in Summit County.

Shipley gives credit to his staff members and the excitement they help stoke in patrons.

“The staff really enjoys what they’re doing, they are all nuts about rocks,” Shipley said.

Country Boy Mine now has an opportunity to build up its stars. The more stars an attraction has, the more readers are encouraged to visit the attraction. No notice will be given if Country Boy Mine is in consideration of an additional star.

Readers of the guide are encouraged to stop by the Country Boys Mine. Visitors can take a mine gold tour, embark on a treasure hunt, pan for gold, take a snowshoe tour or meet the mine’s burros.

For further enjoyment, contact Country Boy Mine at and (720) 458-5387.


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