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The Town of Dillon Is Getting a New Park & Playground

Published: May 19, 2022

If you’re signed up for the Real Estate of the Summit e-newsletter, you likely know that the northeastern corner of Summit County has multiple plans in the works that intend to revitalize major parts of our community. One of those upcoming improvements includes a new Dillon Town Park, which was halted for several years but is now back in production.

Initial plans for the park were conceived nearly a decade ago. The town first developed the Town Park Masterplan by polling elementary students in 2013. Development finally began in 2019 but then was halted by multiple delays: first by the COVID-19 pandemic and then in 2021 by an inability to find a contractor.

Ultimately, plans were halted until the spring of 2022.

The project is estimated to cost $1.2 million, but the town only budgeted $750,000 for 2019. According to project officials, the municipality got a Great Outdoors Colorado grant worth about $457,000 to assist in funding the project, allowing the Town of Dillon to finalize construction plans. 

Excitingly, the Dillon Town Park project is now pushing forward:

  • Its contractor is in place.
  • Its vision has been finalized.
  • Crews are establishing its foundation.

Rainbow ParkThe park will offer a variety of features, from recreation areas for toddlers to a 10-foot climbing wall. The park will truly offer something for everyone. 

“We wanted more natural play,” Public Works Director Scott O’Brien told the Summit Daily News. “That’s what the community and students were interested in.” 

Ultimately, the rock wall is intended to be a traverse rather than a harnessed climbing experience. 

The initial portion of the park will be located above the climbing wall and will include a tree-like cave with cross-netting for visitors to climb, stepping stones, and more fun features for everyone in the family to enjoy. Additionally, the park developers intend to include additional climbable features throughout the facility.

Designs for the secondary of the park’s play areas are geared towards young children (ages 2-5) and will include multiple features such as swing sets, climbing nets, and more. 

The final section planned for the park is perhaps the most exciting for older kids and adults and will offer a 24-foot-high climbing pyramid of webbed rope, an anti-gravity “orbiton” experience, and saucer swings. 

Currently, the park’s construction is estimated to be completed by the 2023 holiday season. Officials also expect there to be a “…holiday promenade that people can walk through,” according to the Summit Daily News.

Town officials hope that the park will continue to be developed beyond 2023 and will include more play areas and a walking pavilion.

The new Dillon Town Park is one of many recent significant developments improving Summit County and increasing real estate values in towns like Dillon and Silverthorne. Find out more about other Summit County revitalization projects by clicking here, or contact us today to learn more!


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