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The Summit Stage Grant

Published: March 7, 2015

Summit StageIn 2009, the Senate passed the Funding Advancements for Surface Transportation and Economic Recovery Act, with the intentions of renovating roadways and bridges and most importantly, improving the overall safety conditions for travelers across the state.  FASTER has successfully generated around $200 million in revenue dollars each year for the last 5 years since it has been enacted.  The funds are then allocated and distributed to the locations that are in need of immediate renovations.  The Colorado Department of Transportation, CDOT, has seen remarkable changes over the years thanks to FASTER and Summit County’s local transportation system, the Summit Stage, will also serve to prosper from allocated funds this upcoming year!

The Summit Stage will receive $1.6 million in grants from CDOT to fund four different projects within the transportation division in Summit County.  This money will cover close to eighty percent of the costs for renovations and new purchases while the county will pay for the remaining twenty percent.

The Summit Stage is a free bus service that runs throughout Summit County and provides continuous transportation so that travelers may never need to transfer buses.  The many routes travel between towns, to the different local resorts, between neighborhoods and stop conveniently at the different medical centers in Frisco.  The Summit Stage began primarily as a resort service bus in 1977 and ran only during the winter season.  Since then, the Frisco Transfer Station has been built and late night, year long hours have been implemented.

The current Summit Stage buses are 9 years old, with a life expectancy of 12 total years.  The money will be used to completely replace two of the current buses and has been estimated to cost around $920,000 alone.  To improve the already standing fleet, 5 of the buses will be refurbished, totaling close to $780,000.  The money saved over the next few years from a minimal number of maintenance issues will be substantial and can be used for more pressing matters and transportation developments.

The county has also been approved to renovate the 1990’s Frisco Transfer Station.  The station has outgrown the number of travelers over the years.  The need for better lighting, shelter coverings and upgraded bathrooms and waiting areas will be met by this new project.  There is ongoing discussion on where the remaining $10,600 in grants from CDOT will go.   Current plans to design a possible new Dillon transfer station may go into effect to create shorter travel times for passengers around the area.

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