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Ski Town Connect App

Published: January 8, 2016

Ski Town Connect App

The new Ski Town Connect app launched on November 30, providing a social networking platform to mountain enthusiasts in Summit County.  This lifestyle app allows account holders to form connections based on common recreational interests and links them to local outdoor enthusiasts.

The Ski Town Connect app is designed to link individual profiles with information regarding other people, sports, events and activities in the area.  Not a fan of mingling at the local bars?  No worries!  Use the app to connect with like minded individuals that would rather catch some turns before grabbing an apres-ski cocktail!

Jim Fleischer envisioned the Ski Town Connect app after moving west to Colorado and faced with the challenge of becoming a new member of the community.  He found that many people he met were facing the same issues and decided to create a solution to connecting locally.

“Moving to a mountain town can be a little intimidating,” said Fleischer in a statement.  “Everyone seems to know each other, and it can be tough to break into the ‘scene’.  Ski Town Connect gives you the tools and information you need to make your own scene with people you truly connect with.”

An assortment of activities are available and can be added to individual profiles.  Each activity link provides a wealth of knowledge regarding local shops and areas where individuals can go to enjoy the different outdoor activities.

A key feature of the app is the ability to create private events that are linked to the different mountain activities and share them with friends to plan group adventures out in advance.  Users can also search public events to meet other individuals in the area while learning new skills along the way!

Because the Ski Town Connect app is relatively new, there are still a limited number of members.  Download the app onto any iPhone or Android device from the Apple App or Google Play store for free today!


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