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Silverthorne’s Brand Image

Published: December 12, 2015

Silverthorne's Brand ImageSilverthorne’s brand image is currently undergoing adjustments in effort to make the town a more vibrant, destination community. Currently, Silverthorne is often regarded as a quick stop for food or gas before heading down Interstate-70 to Denver. The new plan of development has been incorporated by the town to include a town core with art and cultural interpretations!

“These projects encompass a broad range of topics, but all have a unifying theme, making Silverthorne a better place to live and visit,” said Silverthorne Town Manager Ryan Hyland.

Two marketing companies will partner in altering Silverthorne’s brand image, Betty Ashley Public Relations and Spin, a company founded in Breckenridge. Betty Ashley will focus on how to position the new brand, while Spin specializes in the design and production of the brand.

“Most importantly, we have a town council that is fully committed to delivering on the community’s goals,” Hyland said. “With so much potential, we have engaged creative partners to help us refresh our brand image and tell our story.”

New zoning regulations within the town will create restrictions for specific types of new construction, including fast food restaurants, gas stations, automobile shops and warehouses. Existing businesses will stay in their original locations as a form of grandfather treatment.

“The town has been working diligently in recent years to formalize plans for a revitalized downtown,” said the founder of Betty Ashley PR, Ashley Lowe. “Rezoning is the next necessary step.”

The new regulations will assist in promoting businesses that are more useful to the community such as retail shops, diverse restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues. The Lake Dillon Theatre Company is among one of these business developments, as it will relocate from Dillon to a new structure near the Silverthorne Pavillion.


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