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New Bustang Express Bus Service

Published: July 20, 2015

Bustang Express Bus

The first Bustang Express Bus left the Frisco Transfer Center last week and transported a dozen passengers along Interstate 70 to Denver.  The afternoon departure to Denver carried over 20 passengers, filling almost half of the bus capacity.

The Colorado Department of Transportation, CDOT, implemented the program earlier this year in efforts to relieve traffic congestion between mountain town destinations and the more populated Front Range.  Last month, 1,014,180 vehicles traveled through the Eisenhower Tunnels, exactly 28,807 more vehicles passing through the tunnels than counted in June of 2014.

The Bustang Express Bus improves accessible mountain transit by running East to West and North to South.  The new system of transportation provides effortless travel between destinations such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Glenwood Springs, Frisco, Vail and more! Currently, the service links seven out of the 10 largest transit providers in the state.  Future success may lead to expansion within areas such as Pueblo and Grand Junction.

“People are starting to hear about it, but they can’t wrap their arms around what the service provides.  It’s a really inexpensive, comfortable way to get to Denver,” said Tracy Trulove, a spokeswoman for CDOT.

The 50-seat coaches are top of the line when it comes to passenger comfort and available amenities.  Each Bustang Express Bus is handicap accessible with reclining, high-back seats.  Available amenities range from WiFi, restrooms, bike racks and dock charging stations.

Bustang Express Bus tickets are relatively inexpensive.  Rides from Frisco to Denver only cost $12 for an individual ticket. Avoid airport parking fees and save on the cost of gas while traveling this summer by taking the new Bustang!


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