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Frisco Transit Center Moving Full Speed Ahead

Published: February 19, 2017

Summit County has been working with members of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) in moving the planning along for an improved Frisco Transit Center.

The county estimates that altogether the redesign of the Frisco Transit Center will cost approximately $8.3 million.

After funding-related delays in planning, the county is receiving $2.5 million in grants from CDOT and has hired a design firm for the new structure and space.

Denver-based design firm; RNL Design will be spearheading this project and has begun preliminary designs for the center. They expect to finalize the design in October of this year, with construction beginning in the summer of 2018.

Out with The Old

The Frisco Transit Center which was built in 1998 is nearly 20 years old and no longer facilitates the need for visitors and residents coming through Frisco using the area.

Local bus ridership has increased and more bus companies have added stops at the center. On average, the Frisco Transit Center sees about 1,000 Summit Stage passengers daily.

In addition to Summit Stage buses, Greyhound Lines, CDOT’s Bustang and airport shuttles also use the center. Hertz also has a rental car location on the property. 

Accompany that with the commercial businesses that now reside in the area – it’s all added to an increase in traffic and travelers.

5 Phases of Design

The center will be split into five different phases of construction, with the larger projects going first. The first three phases will be the largest and will make-up the bulk of the project.  

Phase one will be the most expensive portion of the project at over $3 million. It will add new drive lanes for the buses.

Phase two is construction of the transit center and bus shelters. The original building will be torn-down and a new building will be added. It will be much bigger in space – adding about 1,000 square feet. The larger size will make things more comfortable for current users, and will make it possible to add new tenants. 

The third phase of the new center will focus on the parking lot. The last two phases are final details and making sure that the transit center integrates well with the surrounding shopping areas. The new center will also be more pedestrian-friendly. 

The idea for the new transit center is for it to feel more welcoming and inviting. Summit County is looking to make it a more pleasant experience for all travelers and we have to say, we are looking forward to it as well!


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