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Fat Bikes in Summit County

Published: February 28, 2015

Fat Bikes in Summit CountyFat bikes originated in Fairbanks, Alaska when Simon Rakower welded two rims together and added two additional bicycle tires.  This inevitably increased traction and provided a floating sensation while maneuvering through snow packed trails.  The balloon tires caught on and popularity spread rapidly across the lower 48, creating high demands among outdoor winter enthusiasts.  Many different careers and hobbies have served to benefit from these bike modifications and they are now being used regularly by park rangers, biologists and even outdoor hunters.

These extra wide tires have made comical appearances in town events and parades ever since they were first introduced to Summit County.  The buzz quickly caught on and local companies such as Breck Bike Guides and Wilderness Sports assisted in bringing trail guidance and fat bike rentals to Summit County.  In many states, fat bikes have begun to replace summer mountain bikes for more diverse trail exploration.  Before setting out to purchase a brand new fat bike, keep in mind that they glide much easier on snow packed ground yet travel times will takes almost twice as long as one expects from a classic mountain bike!

The growing popularity in this segment of the industry caught on through annual events and races throughout Summit County.  Copper Mountain held the 4th annual WinterBike fat bike night race in January.  Competitors strap on their head lamps and head off into the night surrounded by fireworks and a cheering crowd!  For the first time this year, Breckenridge added Ullr Bike to the well know Ullr Fest event that takes place at the Gold Run Nordic Center trails.  The hills and darkness faced during this 10 mile race are challenging but entertaining to both viewers and riders.  Demos are available at both of these events for visitors to experiment with the much wider tires!

Locals claim that the new Breckenridge winter sport will never replace other activities such as downhill skiing or snowboarding.  Fat bikes will act as a substitute during periods of low snowfall while visitors and locals wait for the next mountain powder day!

Interested in Fat Bike Rentals? Follow the links below for more information!

Wilderness Sports: 701 East Anemone Trail, Dillon, CO 80435; Phone: (970) 468-5787.  Adult fat bike rentals range from $50-$60 per day or $30-$45 per half day depending on the type of bicycle.

Breck Bike Guides: 411 South Main Street #12, Breckenridge, CO 80424; Phone: (970) 393-9000.  Adult fat bike rentals are $55 per day or $40 per half day. Tour pricing begins at $35/hr for the initial person; additional guests will pay $10 per person per hour.


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