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Colorado Winter Tire Bill

Published: October 11, 2015

Colorado Winter Tire Bill

The Colorado winter tire bill will be introduced to Legislature for the second time at some point next year.  Originally, the bill was supported by the House of Representatives and lost traction in the Senate by turning into a winter examination study.  If passed, the law is expected to minimize expensive winter traffic accidents on the Interstate 70 corridor up to the mountains.

Winter tire and chain requirements that are already enforced for trucks and commercial vehicles will also apply to passenger vehicles if the Colorado winter tire bill is passed.  These traction requirements are specifically designed for Interstate 70 and will specify areas between mile markers in which adequate tires are required.

“This proposed bill does not increase fines, add checkpoints or make existing tread requirements more stringent,” Mitsch Bush wrote in a email.  “Rather it clarifies motorists’ responsibilities and requires that (the Colorado Department of Transportation) provide public education and proper signage.  Motorists are already required to have proper equipment when the passenger vehicle portion of the chain law is in effect; however most motorists are not aware of these existing requirements.”

Public awareness will be a top priority when implementing the Colorado winter tire bill. Signage will be visible in areas between Golden through Glenwood Springs.  At this time, officials believe that the education behind driving in winter storms is lacking and laws only allow the state to “recommend” the use of snow tires or chains.

Public figures are expressing the likelihood of the Colorado winter tire bill being drafted into a law this time around.  The new bill will be much clearer, in comparison to the last time it was introduced to Legislature, and outlines requirements that are already in place for commercial vehicles.

No traction restrictions will be in place for the upcoming season, yet it is wise to invest in either winter snow tires or winter studded tires when frequently traveling along busy mountain roads.  Tires can be purchased online or at local automobile repair shops.  Prepare for winter and pick up your extra set of tires today!


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