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Bustang Express Bus Service

Published: April 26, 2015


Bustang Express Bus ServiceBeginning in the middle of July, the Bustang Express Bus service will begin running across the state of Colorado!  In efforts to improve accessible transit, the new Bustang will run East to West and North to South providing effortless travel between destinations such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Glenwood Springs, Frisco, Vail and more!

“The goal of the system itself is to meet the needs of the community and the clear need in connecting state’s transit systems, while offsetting traffic in the two most congested corridors in the state,” explained Amy Ford, the Colorado Department of Transportation’s, CDOT, communications director.

CDOT implemented the program in efforts to relieve traffic congestion between mountain town destinations and the more populated Front Range.  The initial program costs will total $10 million and funds have accumulated from a bill passed in 2009 that raised car registration costs just slightly.  Although the Bustang start up costs are high, ticket prices will remain fairly inexpensive, with a ticket from Frisco to Denver priced at $12 per walk-on individual.

Commuter travel aims primarily to support local residents, as it will initially only run Monday through Friday.  According to Ford, “You could take the bus down if you had a doctor’s appointment in Denver.  Or, maybe you wanted to go to a show.”

The 50-seat coaches are top of the line when it comes to passenger comfort and available amenities.  Each Bustang Express Bus is handicap accessible with reclining, high-back seats.  Available amenities range from WiFi, restrooms, bike racks and dock charging stations.  Avoid airport parking fees and save on the cost of gas while traveling this summer by taking the new Bustang!

For more information on the individual routes and transportation costs, visit!

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