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Breckenridge Arts and Culture Nationally Recognized

Published: May 20, 2016

Breckenridge Arts and Culture Recognized Nationally

Breckenridge’s growing arts and culture scene was recently recognized by the National Center for Arts Research (NCAR), naming our small town the fourth most vibrant community in the small to medium size city (under 1 million residents) category for the second year in a row.

“Certainly the report is about arts and culture, but it’s so much deeper than that when you start looking at all the culinary artists and the writers and the healing-art practitioners, you really do have this vibrant community of self-expression” said Robb Wolfe, president and CEO of Breck Create, spreading the wealth of this recognition to the community at large.

Certainly, Breck Create’s (BCA) art presence and prominent stature in our art community is undeniable. This is overwhelmingly true when you consider its influence in garnering art recognition by the NCAR and that is was only established two years ago, in 2014.

The interdisciplinary BCA was developed by the Town of Breckenridge to “support and promote arts, culture and creative experiences.” It’s year-round calendar includes free and admission-based concerts, a film festival, a music festival, art workshops, speaker series and more that educate and enlighten both locals and visitors.

Its upcoming WAVE: light, water & sound festival, June 2nd – 5th will transform many spaces and places of downtown Breckenridge into exhibitions that celebrate artistic demonstrations of the three elements. Read more about this upcoming festival here!

Part of what makes Breckenridge’s artistic culture so unique is how infused it is to the town culture. Where else might you have lunch at a picnic table along the river in the summertime not far from a local, practicing beautiful acoustic music in the sunshine? Not only that, but the live jazz music during happy hour, the plentiful galleries that line Main Street, the farmer’s market and local artisans are also engrained in the town’s artistic identity.

NCAR designated its community rankings based on a specific arts vibrancy index that scored each county’s art dollars, art providers, government support, socio-economic and other leisure characteristics. This also attributes some of our recognition to surrounding towns and their artistic contributions, like the dance studio in Frisco and the Lake Dillon Theatre Company (and its upcoming, expanded new home), and the Lake Dillon Amphitheater’s programming.

Amazingly, Breckenridge was in company of two other Colorado communities on this list of top five small-medium cities recognized for arts and culture: Glenwood Springs and Edwards, indicating that Colorado’s art scene in communities of our size triumphantly surpasses the other 49 states. This is an exciting time to live and visit Breckenridge – to experience the artistic vibrancy or perhaps to contribute to it.


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