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Uptown 240 – Modern Living Condo Complex

Published: October 8, 2018

Uptown 240

Soon visitors to downtown Dillon will begin seeing the skeleton of the new Uptown 240 structure rise.  Uptown 240 is an upcoming 80-unit modern living condo complex set in the heart of Dillon.

The structure will be complete with a 5,000 square foot restaurant in addition to a 6,000 square foot amenities deck featuring hot tubs, fire pits, a community room and covered lounging areas.  The complex will also include a full 2,500 square foot gym.

Uptown 240 will offer studio units along with one, two and three bedroom units; prices will range from as $275,000 to $1 million.  The facility also will have underground parking to host 100 percent of residence parking on site, as well parking for commercial visitors.

The outside the building will feature an upscale “mountain modern” design looking to break the mold of more traditional mountain architecture.  This is going to create more of an updated feel over some of the existing condominium complexes in Summit County.

Claiming a Unit

Though units are yet to hit the market, many individuals have already expressed interest in making purchases, and more are calling in, according to project developers.  But the first dibs will go to members of the workforce.

As part of the development, Uptown 240 will be offering nine affordable workforce housing units for permanent residents who work for at least 30 hours per week in Summit County.  Unlike most workforce housing units for purchase in the county, there are no area median income restrictions or any appreciation caps.

The coveted complex will also not allow people to purchase units as investment properties for short-term rental usage.

Construction of Uptown 240 will begin this fall, and is expected to be complete by mid-summer 2020.

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