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Natural Grocers Comes to Frisco

Published: April 27, 2015

Natural Grocers Comes to FriscoApproval was given last month for the proposed Natural Grocers in Frisco, Colorado!  Development will begin on the 101,768 square foot plot of land known as the Frisco Retail property.  Vacant since 1981, the property is more often referred to as the Christmas tree lot as it once doubled as sale grounds for seasonal items.  The retail parcel is located directly across the street from both Safeway and the new Whole foods that just recently opened in 2014.  The lot will also be home to a new Starbucks and an unnamed tenant.

Owner of the center, NAVA Real Estate, predicts the close proximity to both major shopping centers and to Interstate-70 should draw more visitors to the mountain corridor.  All interstate traffic must pass through this intersection while traveling to Breckenridge, Frisco and Vail.

“This is a very prominent retail corridor.  It catches a lot of traffic for visitors coming through I-70,” explained Bryan Levitt, the president of NAVA.  “It’s a matter of finding the right tenant, and making it all work from a design and functionality standpoint.”

Popularity has grown immensely over the years at the original Natural Grocers location just down the road in Dillon, Colorado.  In addition to providing healthy groceries and wellness products, a 15,000 square foot kitchen will prepare fresh entrees by local, professional chefs.  Seating will be available for 15-20 individuals.

The new Natural Grocers is expected to reach completion by the end of 2015 or near the start of 2016.  Vega Architecture will design the building and hopes to restore a more historic look that was once present in Frisco.  In addition to the building, seating and bike racks will be present outside of the store.

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