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Real Estate Market Update: Keystone 2014

Published: January 8, 2015

What an exciting year 2014 brought for real estate in Keystone, Coloardo! Keystone saw an overall increase for residential sales in 2014 compared to 2013.  The total number of residential sales in Keystone for 2014 was 267 in comparison to 2013 with 219. That’s an increase of 22%.

Keystone brought in the fall buyers last year! The busiest months for sales happened August to October, with October closing out at 35 total residential sales for the month. Keystone residential sales started out in the typical trend of January being the slowest month, closing with a total of nine residential sales.

The average sale price for residential properties in Keystone for 2014 was $399,089 in comparison to 2013 at $355,658. Increasing the sales price roughly by 12%.

Average days on the market went up in 2014 for Keystone residential properties. In 2014 properties stayed on the market an average of 265 days in comparison to 221 days in 2013. Increasing days on the market by 44 for residential properties in Keystone in 2014.

We are hopeful we will continue to see the market in Keystone flourish for the year 2015. Be sure to check back here monthly for updates on the Keystone real estate market.

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