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$6 Million Performing Arts Center in Silverthorne

Published: March 22, 2015

Silverthorne_DillonJoining future forces, the Lake Dillon Theatre Company and the town of Silverthorne will be moving the 21 year old performing arts center from its original structure to a new location just a few miles up the road in Silverthorne.  The long term partnership will begin with the assembly of a new, $6 million facility predicted to undergo construction in 2016.  The town plans to contribute $4 million towards the project through financing and other fund contributions.

The comprehensive plan to bring a downtown area to Silverthorne has long been underway.  The concept was introduced over 18 years ago and the town council approved all future developments in 2013.  With the complication of Highway 9 running directly through the center of town, Silverthorne has looked to Steamboat as an example of what could be, with roadside parking and better lighting fixtures throughout.  The new performing arts center will stand at the heart of this future downtown area, right next to the already existing river pavilion.

Not only will the project be home to a non-profit, performing arts organization, but it will also integrate a variety of different educational spaces and administrative offices into the center.  The development plans in Silverthorne will allow for an additional 40 seats to be added to the original 70 seat theatre and is predicted to open by the spring of 2017.  The new venue will be over 6 times larger than the older space, at 14,000 square feet, allowing more expansion room for the arts.

Over the years, the Lake Dillon Theatre Company has observed increases in ticket sales, revenues and programs driving future expansion objectives.  Currently, the arts complex has operations in multiple different locations due to the limited space.  The administrative offices are located in a separate building and many workshops take place outdoors, limiting educational objectives to time frames during the summer months.  The new building will house all theatrical and artistic operations providing an ease in communication amongst all divisions!

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