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128-Acre McCain Property

Published: November 20, 2015

128-Acre McCain PropertyA master plan was developed in 2012 for the 128-acre McCain property that included open space with trails on 38 acres of land and different governmental uses on the other 90 acres.  Local residents spoke out against different industrial-commercial units that were proposed for the property and prevented further planning until future decisions could be made.

The latest round of development plans were introduced at a crowded Breckenridge Town Hall meeting on November 3rd.  Mark Truckey, the town’s assistant director of community development, addressed concerned citizens to explain modifications to the 2013 McCain Master Plan.  Two companies were involved in the new development plan, Norris Design for planning and landscape architecture as well as Tetra Tech for consulting and engineer services.

The revised plan includes a plot of space for affordable housing, restoration plans for the Blue River running through the 128-acre McCain property and room for existing service commercial businesses.  It will also bring a second water treatment plant to the area, which will reside on a four-acre plot near the northeast corner.

Available housing is an extremely pressing issue for all of Summit County.  Ten acres located on the north side of the 128-acre McCain property will be reserved for low-income housing and rests adjacent to planned housing just north of the property. Anywhere from 50-100 units may be added to the area.

The construction of a temporary river channel may begin as early as this fall.  The current condition of the Blue River is not great due to heavy historic dredge mining operations.  On both sides of the river, a 150 foot corridor will be reserved for open space to ensure preservation and vegetation growth along the riverbank.

Solutions to the parking issue in Breckenridge are currently underway, yet the satellite lot is expected to lose almost 500 spaces for future housing developments.  Five acres at the southeast corner of the property will be reserved for overflow parking.  Town officials hope to replace the spots that will soon be lost from the satellite lot.


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