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The Pad in Silverthorne

Published: June 4, 2018

The Pad

The town of Silverthorne had just approved “The Pad”.

The Pad is a new $6.5 million boutique hotel with hostel-style accommodations for the modern traveler who prioritizes experience, adventure and new friendships. 

The Pad will be made out of 16 prefabricated shipping containers, along with the more conventional metal-frame construction.  The renderings of the structure, produced by Smith Design Company, are absolutely stunning and modern. 

The idea comes from Lynne Parrish and Rob Baer, bought the two acres along the Blue River in downtown Silverthorne.

Blueprints show this 35-foot, three-story hotel with of 36 rooms, a small restaurant, manager’s apartment, lounges, event space, storage areas, a kitchen and bathrooms.

An opening date for The Pad has yet to be established but if everything goes smoothly the new hotel could open as early as late next summer jut in time for the 2019/20 ski season.

Environmental  Construction

The owners are focused on being as green with this project as possible.  To build it, the Robinson Dairy building currently on the property will need to be taken down.  Originally constructed in 1982, the building was converted into a warehousing and distribution facility in 1986.

Planning a “deconstruction,” in which the vast majority of the materials from the demolition of the old Robinson Dairy Building will find new life, instead of the landfill.

Recycling will be the most common use for the old building materials, and anything that can be salvaged and reused — whether it’s the concrete or the steel — will go into construction of the new hotel.

Other building materials with no use for the project, will be donated to nonprofits.  Baer used to work for ReSource Central, a nonprofit in Boulder that takes donations of old building materials from demolitions and resells them.  He’s looking forward to applying that knowledge here in Silverthorne with this project.

The overall goal is to keep 80-90 percent of the materials, based on weight, away from the landfill.

Silverthorne Town Council supported the hotel project — claiming it is exactly the kind of business the town wants in its core.  Now its time to bring The Pad to life!

For more information about available land in Silverthorne or purchasing in Summit County, contact us at (970) 453-1450.


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