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Improving Health With Breckenridge Creative Arts District

Published: May 10, 2018

Breckenridge Creative Arts DistrictBreckenridge Creative Arts District is trying to focus and implement different ways the arts can benefit your health.

Breckenridge Creative Arts District offers a variety of courses and workshops for those of all ages to enjoy.  Giving many people a chance to learn something new and challenge themselves by creating various forms of art.

Dozens of studies on the relationship between creative arts and health show the mind has the ability to heal itself when stimulated.  When creativity flows, there are countless other positive effects that happen in the mind and body. 

Mental Benefits

Creativity stimulates the mind and increases brain function.  One study showed that middle-aged and elderly people who are engaged in different art programs preserve memories and have a reduced risk of dementia.

For example, if you take a class at the Breckenridge Creative Arts District most classes have mental health benefits. Such as, the aspiring metalsmith required to remember the steps involved in creating a precious pendant.  The advanced painting student may struggle to form a cohesive composition and the potter must concentrate on centering the clay, thereby eliminating all distracting factors  – all of which increase your brain function.

The Calming Factor of Art

Creativity through physical processes such as carving a woodblock or completing a ceramic project can alleviate stress and build confidence.  Art also helps people express experiences that are too difficult to put into words.  There are no limits to the imagination in finding creative ways of expressing grief. 

Thought Provoking

Logic and reasoning are benefits not commonly associated with the arts.  People’s experience while viewing art often relies on the viewer to come to their own conclusions about that art.

Upon learning a new skill — whether sewing or glassblowing — students are bound to make mistakes or even fail.  Starting over and trying again is the growth achieved in overcoming those mistakes. 

Something New

According to Becca Spiro, Director of Learning and Engagement at the Breckenridge Creative Arts District, most participants often sign up for a class to meet new people or to learn a new skill, but the most valuable feedback comes from those who have ventured outside of their comfort zones in the studios.

Most participants leave the Breckenridge Creative Arts District with a new self-confidence, and sense of adventure after the new experience.


In a recent study on socializing and art, aging adults with strong social networks can lower disease risk, lower blood pressure and increase immune system functioning.

At the Breckenridge Creative Arts District the courses have the ability to not only stimulate minds toward optimal physical health, but they bring the community together in a relaxed environment.

Another way the district this is with a new “Date Night Series” program offered to people interested in combining a social event with the creative experience.  By participating in a hands-on activity in an informal setting, participants should feel relaxed and unconcerned about making a final product.

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